Bonsauvuer Convent Holyhead


The original drawing of the Bonsauveur Convent in Holyhead took just under 150 hours of actual pencilwork to produce in 1993 and the original was purchased for, and is now part of The Anglesey Art collection.

A limited edition of just 250 prints worldwide was produced by the Central Gallery from the original drawing but unfortunately almost 200 prints from the edition were among stock destroyed when the Gallery upper display and stockroom areas suffered water damage through roof.

Five Limited Edition prints of the original issue have been found during a clean out of gallery stored prints. We know from records that only 52 of the edition were sold making these five remaining prints very rare.

Four of the prints are perfect as when published and one has a slight 2 inch crease on the left margin which will not be seen when mounted, but otherwise perfect.

Paper Size is 470 x 380mm with 35mm top and sides border and 39mm bottom border.